GameType is a blogging service specifically tailored for talking about games. You can post about:

  • the progress you made in a game you are currently playing ("Finally got to Nibelheim, can't wait to get Vincent in my party."),
  • the loot that dropped last night in the raid ("Yes! I got my Signet of the Fifth Circle off of Cho'gall last night!"),
  • in-depth analyses ("So based on these facts, it's clear that Sonic the Hedgehog is just an allegory for the Civil War."),
  • and more!

As long as you are talking about your experience with a specific game, it's all good! And with our universal game tagging system, you can see what other people are saying about the same game you are playing as well as see which games people are posting about the most.

GameType is a work in progress, so expect kinks— I mean, features! Expect quirky features! Oh, those features. Adorable.

Current version is v0.8 BETA!
I keep receiving emails about an error that makes no sense to me.
If anyone comes across strange behavior, please submit it to the Tumblr ask box and I will look into it. Thanks!
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